1. Excursion to KARDAMILI

The unrivaled beauty and glorious history of Mani inspired Nikos Kazantzakis to write the book "Life and Times of Alexis Zorbas".
Kardamili is one of the best preserved traditional settlements of Mani and an important tourist center. A picturesque seaside village with a large variety of landscapes, which attracts many visitors. Here the visitor can admire the green slopes, beautiful beaches, manicured stone traditional Mani architectural mansions, cobbled streets, lush gardens and beautiful picturesque harbor village.


Located 800 meters from the dock of Kardamili, lies the picturesque islet Meropi. Near the beach is the church of the Virgin Mary dates back to 1779, with only a few points to survive. 

The first mention we have of Kardamili is Homer, who mentions it as one of the seven cities offered by Agamemnon to Achilles to return to battle for the siege of Troy. The village still maintains the prehistoric name.
Kardamili is a village with a rich history which is best demonstrated by the presence of the historic settlement of Old Kardamyli.
Seaside Kardamili was the seat of the captains during the Turkish occupation, from here started the essential preparations for the revolution against the Turks.
The attractions offered by Kardamili are many.
Under the medieval castle of the 12th century near the top Kardamili are Hellenistic carved chamber tombs of the "Dioscuri", classified as a historical monument.
Extremely remarkable is the fortress complex of Troupakis - Mourtzinos, located at Over Kardamili, a naturally fortified hill on the south bank of the torrent Viros. It is a fortress complex of 1807, consisting of various buildings. Among the complex attractions are the ruined arched gate, the tower house, which played a defensive role, Tower, access to which was through a wooden retractable bridge, the Blacksmith’s shop, the underground Cistern, the olive and vegetable garden covering the needs of the family. At the entrance of the castle stands the Church of St. Spyridon, family church Mourtzinos, work which reveals the financial strength and robustness of the family.

Viros canyon is on the west side of Mount Taygetos and has a total length of 19 km. It stands out for its wild natural beauty, as we meet along the black pine forests and Kefalonian fir, cedar, cypress and walnut.
Do not miss the old olive mill and soap factory in the pier, the ruins of the Homeric citadel, the charming islet Meropi in front of the old customs, the villages Proastio and Stavropigio with traditional stone houses.
Finally, north of Kardamili is the settlement Petrovouni. In the village there are two very old monasteries with a great history. The monastery of Zoodochos Pigi, belonging to the Holy Sepulchre, where exist a miracle image in tradition. The second monastery is built around the 14th century and is known in the region as "Caravel", because according to tradition, the olive oil gathered from his property could fill a boat oil.
The caravel Abbey is a building complex with important defensive characteristics, such as the fortified enclosure and the protruding cage with two turrets where a planned entrance of the monastery and the Catholic and the other path. The building bearing cage fighter known as "beings" and identified with the abbot. In its current form - the result of several building phases and changes - that character is not quite obvious. The church of Caravels Monastery is outside of the enclosure and is dedicated to the Assumption. It is one-aisle, vaulted basilica with a dome, which in fact is particularly interesting for its decoration with blind rollbar, impellers heads, geometric motifs and other reliefs.
Kardamili offers a variety of beaches with natural beauty, cosmopolitan but also remote and quiet.
Visit the beaches Ritsa west of the village (at the entrance of Kardamili) with pebbles, olive and tavern and Foneas (2.5 km. Southeast of Kardamili), a very enclosed bay with pebbles, green water and a rock in the middle. There works a canteen.
In the same area, the Dolphins is another great and popular beach with calm waters, dark sand, pebbles and cypresses. Other beautiful beaches to visit in Kardamili are the beaches of Kalamitsi, Saliva and little Harbour.
Kardamili is a destination that will truly love nature lovers as it offers unique excursions for nature.
Fans of hiking will live unforgettable experiences in Viros canyon, with marked trails that pass through stone Byzantine churches. Along the canyon, passed the ancient Royal Route, which connected the ancient Sparta with the harbor of Kardamili in Messinian Gulf. In the Middle Ages, the inhabitants of the area created in caves or rocky areas of the canyon especially Observatories stone, known as “Vigles”. These observatories were essential to protect the inhabitants against the frequent pirate raids. They were constructed to ensure the optical transmission of a message, from one to another for a possible raid.
The slopes of Taygetos along the canyon is full of black pine forests and Abies cephalonica. Among them are identified and other types of trees such as cedars, cypresses and walnut.
From Kardamili start also many mountain paths that lead even to the top of Taygetos, for those who involved in mountaineering.
Sports events organized in Mani all the year. Also sailing races starting Monemvasia and result in Kardamili.
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